Quick Start Guide

Basic Gameplay Flow


Give Doggo a shopping list and send him off to get the ingredients you need to make delicious pancakes! Unfortunately, he can't read, so he probably won't bring you exactly what you need to cook, but he'll do his best and that's what counts!
Stake Recipes to get started
To start earning Ingredients NFTs you need to stake either Genesis Recipes or Shrine Recipes.
Overview over your Stakes
Once you stake your recipes you can claim rewards every 24 hours but don't have to. Rewards accrue automatically every 24 hours up until a limit of 1000 claimable ingredients NFTs. No daily restaking necessary.
To unstake a recipe batch you need to claim all accrued ingredients first.
To get your hands on a Genesis NFT you can mint one for 0.0282 ETH on mint.powerplins.com or acquire one on the marketplace.


Once your loyal Doggo has brought you everything you need to make delicious pancakes, you can grab your recipe and get started! Make the most delicious pancakes the world has ever seen!
COOK Interface
Here you can see all your unlocked recipes. The list includes Genesis Recipe NFTs and Shrine Recipe NFTs in your wallet and Genesis Recipe NFTs staked in ERRAND. Once you click on an unlocked recipe you can see the required Ingredients and begin to craft. Progress can be seen in "CLAIM".


Sweet. High in calories. Deadly. Feed boss monsters until they bursts! Use your freshly baked Pancake NFTs to defeat mighty foes and get epic loot! Every boss has different preferences when it comes to pancakes. Take advantage of its weak points!
Feed Overview
Ranking Overview
Depending on your individual score and the overall player performance rewards can vary in size and rarity. Head over to our Rewards Section to find out more!


Since Doggo can't read, it certainly happens that he brings you ingredients that you can not use right now, but that's no problem! At the Shrine you can challenge the Pancake Gods and with a little luck get not only pancakes but also brand new recipes!
Stake Genesis Recipe to unlock SHRINE
To use the SHRINE a Genesis Recipe must be staked, which provide the base success chance.
To further boost your success chance, one Boss Card NFT can be staked in the same menu. Boss Card NFTs provide different boosts to increase your success chance. Details which boosts are available can be found here
Burn ingredients to acquire rewards
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