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Gameplay Overview

Power Plins consists of 4 core gameplay loops. In this section we want to give you an overview of what they do, how to navigate and use them and how to get the most potential out of them.
If you want to dive deeper into each gameplay loop, visit its subcategory.


Give Doggo a shopping list and send him off to get the ingredients you need to make delicious pancakes! Unfortunately, he can't read, so he probably won't bring you exactly what you need to cook, but he'll do his best and that's what counts!


Once our loyal Doggo has brought you everything you need to make delicious pancakes, you can grab your recipe and get started! Make the most delicious pancakes the world has ever seen!


Since Doggo can't read, it certainly happens that he brings you ingredients that you can not use right now, but that's no problem! At the Shrine you can challenge the Pancake Gods and with a little luck get not only pancakes but also brand new recipes!


Sweet. High in calories. Deadly. Feed boss monsters until they bursts! Use your freshly baked Pancake NFTs to defeat mighty foes and get epic loot! Every boss has different preferences when it comes to pancakes. Take advantage of its weak points!