December 2022 Partners

The Lost Donkeys

For our first December Cycle we were approached by The Lost Donkeys and featured their NFTs as extra rewards in our boss cycle. This time we combined a top ranking with raffle entry per reached ranked for the extra reward distribution.
In addition to that we included 25 Wave Two invites for Kasumi Dungeon.


For our second December Cycle BattleFly approached us and we got BattleFlys in Rare, Uncommon and Common rarities to give away. We combined a Top 3 ranking with a raffle for everyone who reached at least Rank A.

Year End Celebration

For the end of the Year we thought about doing something special and included rewards from all previous partners for the biggest extra reward pool yet! In addition to that the EGGFAM team once again went above and beyond and designed special NFTs for us to include.
Rewards included:
  • 1x Custom Hall of EGGFAM
  • 1x BattleFly
  • 1x Lost Donkey
  • 2x MechaPunkx
  • 1x ArbiDude
  • 1x ToadPad
  • 1x Power Plins Genesis Recipe with 10% Shrine bonus
  • 1x Power Plins Genesis Recipe with 9% Shrine bonus
  • Power Plins Shrine Recipes
  • Power Plins Pancake Mixes
  • Beacon Items