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ERRAND is designed as the main faucet for Ingredient NFTs.
Errand represents the basic building block of Power Plins. Here you get the necessary ingredients (ERC-1155 NFTs), which are needed in the further course of the game.
Ingredients are divided into different rarity grades, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Common and Uncommon ingredients are the basic ingredients for every pancake, while Rare and Epic are recipe-specific ingredients (e.g. strawberries, mango, etc.).
Legendary ingredients form their own special category, which at the beginning of the game consists only of the pancake mix. This special ingredient makes it easier to prepare a normal pancake. Because as the name suggests, you can directly craft 3 plain pancakes with it, without the need for other ingredients.

The Gameplay Loop

Via "STAKING > RECIPES" you can choose as many Recipe NFTs as you have in your wallet to stake. Thereby, a distinction is made between Genesis and Shrine as outlined in the Shrine Recipe NFT section.
Recipe Staking for ERRAND game loop
Boss cards will be stakeable independently. This has the benefit, that once staked they don't have to be unstaked and staked again everytime a player changes his Recipe stakes. Once staked, Boss cards will be active until unstaked.
After successfully staking Recipe NFTs you can check your active stakes under "OVERVIEW > UNSTAKE".
Theoretically you can create multiple stakes with any amounts of NFTs, but keeping transaction costs in mind, you'd then have to claim and unstake each batch on its own. So for gas optimization, we recommend to stake all Recipe NFTs in one batch and claim regularly.
List of staked Recipes
Under "OVERVIEW > CLAIM" you can claim your Ingredient NFTs acquired through staking. We took inspiration from smolverse here and made it so that your staked recipes keep accruing rewards indefinitely until unstaked, saving lots of gas in the process.
After the initial 24hours of staking you can claim at any time. Genesis recipes accrue 3 rewards per 24 hours, while Shrine recipes accrue 1 reward per 24 hours. Boss card boosters can boost this number by +1 or +2 per recipe, which makes them very powerful, especially for Gen1 recipes.
List of claimable rewards


Genesis Recipes
Gen1 Recipes
As you can see, although you can collect more ingredients with the help of the Boss Booster and the (probably) much cheaper Shrine recipes, Genesis recipes have advantages when it comes to rare, epic and legendary ingredients.

Staking strategies

A possible strategy for stakers would be to create 2 batches of Recipe NFTs.
  1. 1.
    Genesis recipe NFT batch
    • stake all your Genesis NFTs here to:
      • maximize chance for rare/epic/legendary ingredients
      • get maximum amount of rare and epic ingredients, which are needed for type specific pancakes, which in turn are stronger in a boss fight
  2. 2.
    Gen1 recipe NFT batch
    • stake all your Gen1 recipes here to:
      • farm common and uncommon ingredients
      • maximize yield of common and uncommon ingredients, which are always needed for every current pancake type


Boss Cards can be staked in the "Booster" menu. Only one boss card can be active at a time. Boss Cards can be acquired through participation in the Feed Loop and sometimes through special events with partner projects. They can increase the amount of drops per recipe per 24 hours.
Legendary Boss Card Booster
Shiny Boss Card Booster
+1 Ingredient Drop
+2 Ingredient Drops