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October 2022 Partners


We partnered with EGGFAM to offer unique egg-themed rewards via both projects.
At Power Plins we integrated Raffle Tickets for EGGSGIVING into our first October reward cycle and offered custom EGGFAMS and EGGTHINGS in our second October reward cycle. The EGGFAMs are unique and designed by goldendilemma#0180 with inspiration from our egg type boss monsters.
The EGGFAM team held a raffle with 3 additional unique custom EGGFAMS and EGGTHINGS as consolation prizes as well as Power Plins rewards which are usable in our game, including 2 Genesis Recipe NFTs and 6 unique egg-themed Boss Card NFTs.
Raffle Tickets as additional Leaderboard rewards
Custom EGGTHINGS as additional Leaderboard rewards

The Beacon Collab & Halloween

We partnered with The Beacon to offer WL spots for their upcoming Mint to our Top 5 Players. As it's also Halloween Season we added Halloween themed boss cards to the reward pool and in addition to that, this cycle features our strongest SHRINE booster (+1%/+2% additive Boost)
The Beacon raffled off 5 Power Plins Genesis Recipe NFTs.
October cycle 3 extra rewards