This section is not a complete overview over every aspect of the game and should only be considered as thought-provoking ideas. Many of the strategies mentioned here can work hand in hand. They can support or exclude each other. Every category has a strategy called "Player" which indicates the default way of playing things from our point of view, but ultimately there is no wrong way of playing Power Plins ❤️


  • Staker
    • only plays the ERRAND part to sell ingredients to other players on the marketplace
    • can be supported by as little as one shrine recipe
    • the more recipes, the higher the potential yield
    • the higher the yield, the higher the risk to flood the market and lower returns for themselves, but in return, other strategies will become cheaper
  • Player
    • uses ERRAND as an entry to the game to gather ingredients primarily for COOK
    • can be supported by one genesis recipe to go through the ERRAND-COOK-FEED loop on a regular basis, while scoring a good ranking in each boss cycle
    • the more recipes a player has, the more strategies open up
  • Sacrificer
    • uses ERRAND to mainly focus on getting ingredients for the SHRINE to get more recipes and follow a specific strategy with this in COOK, FEED and/or SHRINE, or to simply sell them for a profit
  • Farmer


  • Intel
    • has one recipe of every pancake type ready to figure out boss weaknesses
    • can be an Intel player in FEED
    • announces the weakness publicly and then sells his pancakes on the marketplace to maximize profits
    • needs higher investment in ERRAND to have enough ingredients to craft
    • needs multiple recipes, either through genesis or shrine recipes
  • Player
    • has at least one genesis recipe in ERRAND to unlock one recipe and gather ingredients at the same time
    • has at least 2 shrine recipes, one in the wallet and one in ERRAND to unlock a recipe and gather ingredients at the same time
    • low investment needed
  • Mix Maxi
    • Can be supported by a Sacrificer in ERRAND
    • only uses pancake mixes to craft plain pancakes
    • follows the Plain strategy in FEED
  • RNG prayer Type
  • Strategist
    • uses the +1%/+2% doubling booster and crafts single pancakes, maximizing the chance to hit double crafted pancakes
    • higher cast cost


  • Intel
    • has one of every pancake ready to find out boss' weakness
    • takes full advantage of the weakness to place high or enable everyone to reach satiety level 2 or 3 more easily
    • shares it with his friends/guild/everyone/nobody
    • needs a lot of recipes to craft every type of pancake
    • can be supported in COOK by shrine recipes, but needs one/few genesis recipe(s) or luck to get the needed rare/epic ingredients to craft each type
    • has multiple damage increasing boss boosters to take advantage of every weakness or the +6% damage on all types booster
  • Plain
  • Player


  • Burner
    • using a low % success chance to minimize cost and maximize burned pancake yield
    • useful for people without a boss card and low amount of ingredients
    • can be supported by a few recipes in ERRAND
    • doesn't need a boss booster
  • Player
    • uses whichever ingredients are available
    • additive boss booster is BiS for this strategy (Best in Slot)
    • useful for people who want to get rid of unneeded leftover ingredients
    • can be supported by a medium amount of recipes in ERRAND
  • Specialist
    • specialize on one category of ingredients to burn
    • ingredient specific boss boosters are BiS for this strategy
    • needs more recipes in ERRAND to be effective regularly
  • Specialist (Common)
    • specializes on common ingredients to burn (eggs, baking soda, oil, white sugar and salt)
    • uses the "2% -> 6%" boss card booster to triple ingredient boost %
    • can be supported by staking shrine recipes in ERRAND, as they are mainly dropping common ingredients
    • can take advantage of lower marketplace prices, compared to other ingredients
    • works well if multiple Stakers are playing
    • higher gas cost, due to higher amount of ingredient NFTs being burned