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November 2022 Partners


For November Cycle 1 we partnered with Toadstoolz to include Toadkens into our boss cycle rewards. They also created a Power Plins Gacha Trophy for us and together we came up with special rewards for holders of the Power Plins Gacha Trophy, namely a Power Plins Starter Pack, consisting of 1x Shrine Recipe NFT, 1x Legendary Boss Card NFT and 8x common/uncommon Ingredient NFTs.


For our second Cycle in November we've partnered with Mechapunkx to include Mechapunkx NFTs as extra rewards in this FEED cycle. In return Mechapunkx received 4 Genesis Recipe NFTs for their community. This was also the first cycle where we switched up the Raffle Part of the rewards slightly by introducing a condition (being Rank A or higher to qualify).


Our 3rd and last November Cycle featured Arbidudes and we got 3 Arbidudes to include into our boss cycle. We once again tried another way of distributing rewards, this time by having one overall raffle and the higher a rank, the more raffle entries a player gets.