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COOK is designed as the main sink for Ingredient NFTs and main faucet for Pancake NFTs.
Once you've acquired enough ingredients from ERRAND, you can put them to use and craft pancakes.
To begin crafting, though, you need a recipe. You can either use Genesis Recipe NFTs, or Shrine Recipe NFTs. Every recipe is able to craft a plain pancake, which only requires the basic ingredients to craft a pancake.
In addition to that, every Recipe has a different specific recipe determined by its "Recipe" trait, which unlocks the specific pancake. These specific pancake types need an additional ingredient, but the outcome are stronger pancakes, which deal more damage to the boss in FEED.
COOK overview
Generally the COOK menu shows a grid of craftable pancakes. The ones you own a recipe for are visible and marked with ✅ or ❌, depending if you have enough ingredients to craft it or not. Undiscovered recipes are marked with an empty tile with a ❓. To unlock them, simply have the corresponding recipe in your wallet. Additionally, Genesis Recipe NFTs can be staked in ERRAND and still count as unlocked for COOK.
Crafting takes 4 hours of real time.


Boss Cards can be staked in the "Booster" menu. Only one boss card can be active at a time. They can be acquired through participation in the Feed Loop and sometimes through special events with partner projects.
Legendary Boss Booster
Shiny Boss Booster
reduce cooking time by 25%
reduce cooking time by 50%
1% chance to double cook outcome
2% chance to double cook outcome
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